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Twin Creek Farms

Twin Creek Farms is a full-service equine reproductive  facility peacefully located on 120 acres in western Michigan. We have earned the reputation of being one of the top equine reproductive facilities in the State of Michigan. We are the first farm in Michigan to ship frozen semen (of any breed) to Europe. Twin Creek Farms is an USDA Certified Facility for the export of semen to Europe, South America, Australia and New Zeeland

We provide reproductive services for all breeds, and specialize in problem-breeding mares and high risk pregnancies and births.

Our marketing program is the strength behind the stallions that we stand. it has developed into a wide network that has placed arabians and Half-arabians into training facilities and show barns across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East and South America.

Theresa Rorabaugh
Twin Creek Farms, LLC
18075 Four Mile Road
Morley, MI 49336