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Event Management by:  Evie Tubbs Sweeney, Evie Inc.

Events can be daunting because they require multi-tiered layers of management. It’s easy to lose sight of your overall goal in the juggling act. Evie has been highly regarded for event management that seamlessly rolls out an umbrella strategy guaranteeing a powerful, emotional experience and consistent, compelling message to your event audience.

Thoughts from Evie on events:

“I’ve seen so many events contain all the elements for success, but fail to deliver the message or reach its primary objective by not recognizing how to correctly utilize the short amount of time they have with their audience. Time is money, and it’s hard to watch when it’s wasted, but is amazing to experience when it becomes the powerful tool it’s meant to be. There are not many things more breathtaking than to see an audience respond with passion and excitement. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and know it works.”

Sampling of events managed by Evie, Inc:

  • Evening Gala Events/Banquets/Dinners
  • Fundraising Events
  • Trade Shows/ Conventions
  • Horse Presentations
  • Evening Entertainment & Presentations for National-Level Horse Shows
  • Travel Tour
  • Benefit Events
  • Grand Opening Events
  • Groundbreaking Events
  • VIP Dinner/Entertainment Needs

More businesses are learning about the powerful effects events can offer because no message is communicated more clearly than face to face. Using correct sensory and psychological strategy to create an environment that captures your audience can easily become the most effective marketing tool in your toolbox. However, an event that is not executed correctly is unmerciful in harming your momentum.


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