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Equine Export Companies

Shipping a horse can be a stressful process in trying to coordinate the paperwork needed, cost and shipping options. Following are a few companies that we work with who excel in making the process stress-free, effective and affordable.

Centurion Stud and Export

One of the top exporters of Arabian horses since the early 1990’s. Their facility allows them to fully serve their clients and to safely deliver their new acquisitions to their new home. Their facility is USDA approved and inspected and they have a long standing, working relationship with them to facilitate the inspection of each shipment and endorsement of all health documents. Their facility includes well ventilated, custom made stalls and individual turnouts. They have a custom feeding program and spend extra time with each horse to thoroughly prepare them for their long journey.

All of their staff has been certified by the airlines as licensed animal attendants. They use Lufthansa Airlines, Qatar Airways, Cargolux, KLM, Martinair, and Air France to carry your precious cargo. Their agent works to give you the best quotes and coordinates with agents at the receiving end to expedite the release of the horses at customs.  In addition to the air transport, they can coordinate ground transport from anywhere in USA, to deliver your horse to their facility for export.

They have handled virtually all breeds of horses for export. They have shipped race horses, endurance horses, show horses, stallions, broodmares and foals. Their primary focus is shipment to Middle East countries but they can also ship to Europe. They have excellent referrals to horses traveling to South and Central America.

Contact them at (319) 621-7575 or email at csraceshow@aol.com 


Dedicated to serving the international horse industry.

They provide a complete range of shipping services for your horse and for the supplies you need.  Whether you are purchasing a horse from abroad, shipping your horse internationally, or looking to purchase in bulk the supplies you need for your stable, ExportHorse.com has the full range of services for you.

Horse Shipping

  • All Inclusive Rates
  • Air Transportation
  • Ground Transportation
  • Quarantine
  • Export and Import Services
  • Insurance
  • Import documentation
  • Airport Clearance
  • CompleteCare™ Service
  • OneWire™ Payment
  • Registration documentation

Call +1 (281) 656 6706 or email info@exporthorse.com

EQUIFLIGHT International Horse Transport Services

With over 20 years of experience in the horse industry, Katie Schroeder started EQUIFLIGHT to offer safe, reliable, and hassle-free International horse transportation.

Being centrally located in the United States, EQUIFLIGHT receives horses from across the United States and Canada for quarantine.

EQUIFLIGHT is excited to offer our superior isolation station for your horse.  Their farm sits on 30-acres of Bermuda grass-covered hills, large oak and cedar trees.  Quality of care and our ability to smoothly move horses across international borders is our specialty.  The staff members at EQUIFLIGHT are there for your horse 24/7. They have a broad experience in the horse industry and are dedicated to give your horse the best care possible. EQUIFLIGHT has several veterinarians on-call and are surrounded by the best animal hospitals in Texas.

In addition to shipping horses, EQUIFLIGHT can ship other livestock animals as well.  Whether large or small, they will adapt to create the most comfortable form of travel for your animal.  Most importantly, EQUIFLIGHT can offer a hassle-free exporting experience for you and your horse.

For more information please contact Katie directly at 713 202 3951 or via eMail: katie@equiflight.com