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Your horse is a valuable asset and oftentimes there are unpredictable problems that can happen – colic, injury and even death – particularly during times of transport, showing and breeding.

Your horse can also be a liability causing damage to others or their property, leaving you financially responsible for the damages.

Insurance can provide some financial protection against these losses. Following are some highly rated Equine Insurance providers for Major Medical, Surgical, Mortality, Loss of Use and Personal Liability.

C. Jarvis Insurance Agency

It takes a horseman to understand…
Four generations strong


Since 1946, C. Jarvis Insurance has proven to be a vanguard in fulfulling the modern horsemans insurance needs; Equine Mortality, Farm and Ranch, Liability and more…

Markel Insurance Company has over 50 years of expertise in insuring horses & horse-related businesses. A leader in the horse insurance industry, Markel pioneered many of the equine coverages available today. Their insurance products include: Horse Mortality, Private Horse Owner Liability, Farm/Ranch Property & Commercial Equine Liability.

Markel Insurance is firmly committed to the horse industry – you can count on Markel to be around for the long haul.